Chandelier 2016

The brief of the project is to choose any material and break it down so that it could be used differently than it is supposed to be used. I chose Plexiglass due to its reflectivity and it is cell cast acrylic which has a much higher strength then an extruded acrylic, preventing form cracking easily.

Due to its characteristics, I decided to experiment various methods and found that oven baking was the most effective method as it not only creates a texture but it also creates a new material that allows me to deform. A lot of experimentation went into finding the exact timing as well.

In my experimentation, oven baking was the preferred option as it uses indirect heat and does not burn the material with direct fire. The outcome of the experiment was very intriguing as after 5 minutes in the oven, air pockets started to form and the paint on the back started to crack or split apart. I carried out the experiment over intervals of 5 mins over a 30 minute duration when the air pockets started to melt down creating limited flexibility for pulling.

This project was all about experimentation.

Hi, I'm Levon, born and raised in Singapore. I am currently finishing my final year at Central Saint Martins in London. I design products and I was told that saying 'please' goes a long way.

For any enquiries about my projects or availability, you can reach me by mail