Spin 2017

Interactive products are ways to allow user to customise and personalise their furniture, thus increasing the life expectancy of products. The aim of this project was to design a furniture that creates an attachment to the user.

By using modular design, it allows user to be more interactive* with the product. As a result, furnitures are being much more emotionally attachment which in turns allows furniture to have a longer life expectancy aiding the issue of preventing future furniture waste.interaction with the product are ways to allow user to customise and personalise their furniture.

SPIN is a modular and flexible furniture designed for small workspaces. The aim of this project is creating a product that would inspire a sense of ownership within users. Its development was guided by exploring the product’s utility and simplicity of assembly.

SPIN is interactive and customisable. Users can pivot the various table tops and change the height of the unit by interchange the shelving units, to fit their own desires and project their own image.


Designer of Registered Design (RED) Programme, World IP Day
Featured in IPOS World IP Day 2018 and Chapter 1: Starting with IP
Published in ZBnow Newspaper in Singapore

Hi, I'm Levon, born and raised in Singapore. I am currently finishing my final year at Central Saint Martins in London. I design products and I was told that saying 'please' goes a long way.

For any enquiries about my projects or availability, you can reach me by mail