Trace 2015

Designed for designers.

The aim of this project brief was to create a premium torch. Research was carried out to prove that plastic can be as premium as metal and not look as brittle or cheap. The research showed that plastic has the advantage of being easier to create compared to metal. With the use of plastic, the living hinge technology came in very handy to connect the components.

Design an innovative speaker that interacts and communicate well with the audience. To start of my design, I chose a young family who just started being a family with a single kid, to be my target group.

The aim was that the speaker could be multi-functional to accommodate everyone.

Creating a new experience from an audio speaker, by adding an interactive function that changes the user product relation. Whilst a speaker is typically only known for its benefits of playing music and being static, I wanted it to be more interactive.

Hi, I'm Levon, born and raised in Singapore. I am currently finishing my final year at Central Saint Martins in London. I design products and I was told that saying 'please' goes a long way.

For any enquiries about my projects or availability, you can reach me by mail